Sun Damage & Age Spots

  • The ProYellow laser offers two options for treating unsightly pigmented lesions. Options include individual spot treatment for individual lesions, or fractional treatments for larger areas such as full face, chest and neck.

    The ProYellow laser can be used to treat both light & dark skin types and for a wide variety of problems, including:

    • melasma
    • age spots
    • sun damage
    • solar lentigines
    • café au lait spots
    • moles
    • birthmarks
    • freckles
    • skin tags

The ProYellow Advantage

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    Light & Dark skin types

    The ProYellow laser is able to safely treat both light and darker skin types, with minimal risk of side effects.

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    Long-lasting Results

    The ProYellow laser not only treats the visible lesion, but also the underlying vessels. This helps to ensure long-lasting results.

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    Quick & Comfortable

    Treatment sessions are fast and do not require as much energy as other lasers. In turn, treatments are more

Before & Afters

  • ProYellow laser treatment for melasma
  • melasma-2
  • ProYellow laser treatment for lentignes


The ProYellow laser is an effective wavelength for treating pigmented lesions, as it has the ability to target both the pigment and underlying vessels for long-lasting results.
The ProYellow treatment can be performed on both light & dark skin types. Please contact a provider to find out if you are a good candidate.
Results are typically seen within 5-7 days, with optimal results being seen over 30-days.
A treatment typically lasts between 10-40 minutes.
The ProYellow laser does not require as much energy as other lasers. In turn, treatments are much more comfortable.
Results can be seen in as few as 1-2 treatments, depending on the condition and desired result. Outcomes depend on proper diagnosis of your skin condition and chosen treatment parameters or laser settings.
Patients typically resume daily activities immediately following their treatment session.